Sun Pirate PV Entry Level Exam Program

Our new PV Entry Level Exam Program is a 18 lesson online course covering the NABCEP learning objectives for the NABCEP PV Entry Level Exam. Upon successfully passing our course you will be eligible to sit for the NABCEP Entry Level Exam at a Prometric Computer Based Testing Center. Head over to Prometric to see where your closest location is.


Our course includes the Photovoltaic Systems text book and binder to create a resource manual. The course fee includes the cost of the course, text book and exam fee and administration fees.


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Details & Requirements

Sun Pirate PV Entry Level Exam Program!

PV Entry Level Panel ImageThis course consists of basic skills in the areas of math, electric and safety and then covers the Photovoltaic Systems following the learning objectives set forth by NABCEP. The following lessons contain a wealth of knowledge and reading for the students to prepare themselves for an entry level solar installer position and for the NABCEP PV Entry Level Exam.


  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1: Math Concepts
  • Lesson 2: Electric Basics
  • Lesson 3: Safety Basics
  • Lesson 4: Introduction to PV
  • Lesson 5: Capturing the Sun
  • Lesson 6: Solar Site Evaluation
  • Lesson 7: Photovoltaic System Components
  • Lesson 8: PV Module Fundamentals
  • Lesson 9: PV Battery System Design
  • Lesson 10: PV Controller System Design
  • Lesson 11: PV Inverter System Design
  • Lesson 12: Photovoltaic System Sizing
  • Lesson 13: Installation of Photovoltaic Systems
  • Lesson 14: Photovoltaic System Electrical
  • Lesson 15: Utility- Interactive Systems
  • Lesson 16: Permitting and Inspection
  • Lesson 17: Maintenance and Analysis
  • Lesson 18: Economic Analysis
  • Final Exam
  • Evaluation


Course Price: $795.00

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